Machine Data.
Made Readable.
By Splunk.

You’ve heard of splunkers right? The weird, adventurous types who explore caves? We splunk too.  But instead of descending deep into the Earth, we splunk deep into your company’s machine data. With Splunk, InfraSpace turns machine data into valuable insights of your operations – ie. Operational intelligence.  (Check out for an introduction).

Your machine data (captured in your server logs) contain a definitive record of your user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior and fraudulent activity – information that is essential for managing, securing and auditing your environment – whether physical, virtual or in the cloud.

Splunk collects, indexes, harnesses and reports on all this fast-moving machine data generated by your applications, servers and devices. This data enables you to gain end-to-end visibility and insights on to how to better run your IT operations –as well as your entire business.

As one of just a few Splunk certified firms in the region, InfraSpace is ready to show you how to gain valuable insights into your data. We help the largest healthcare company in the world track terabytes of data every day. We can help you.

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