DevOps – it’s technology.
It’s culture.
It’s what you need.

Much has been made of the DevOps culture over the last few years. Getting Dev and Ops teams to work together has been painful for many organizations.

By now, most companies have made some sort of investment in DevOps to varying degrees. For some, the result has been a nirvana of sorts. Seeing their Dev and Ops teams work together to get quality software and infrastructure – in a repeatable, automated fashion –into production has been nothing short of amazing.

For others, what seems so simple has caused serious pain. Getting several enterprise applications into production in a straightforward, predictable manner seems like a pipe dream.

InfraSpace has worked to make the latter become the former. Our architects analyze your existing dev/test/staging/prod environments, ask the questions that force decisions on what your pipelines need to look like, and then architect a solution.

With years of experience in various environments (on-prem, virtual, Cloud), we have developed not just best practices on these technical issues – we’ve developed best-of-breed script templates we bring onsite as well.

An example: we can spin up an environment with multiple Docker instances, a Kubernetes platform to monitor each instance, and deploy it all to AWS or Azure — in 30 minutes or less. Our tools of the trade include Github. Jenkins. Python. Powershell. Bash. Etc.

That’s not bragging. That’s InfraSpace.