Local DataCenter. Offshore/Cloud.
Onshore Developers.

We’ve got you covered.

If it’s one thing companies like in their IT operations, it’s options. Companies are looking for the full gambit of local and offshore resources as well as world-class DataCenters.

For all these options, InfraSpace has you covered. Besides a growing team of onsite developers, we provide:

  • A MN-based Datacenter providing Hosting Solutions utilizing Hadoop / Azure/AWS / Splunk environments
    • A 6-node Hadoop cluster utilizing Hunk for processing multi-Terabyte Data lakes
    • A Virtualized Data Center with vSphere 6.0 and Hyper V
    • Full Azure and AWS Cloud capabilities
    • A Splunk Infrastructure including Clusters, search head pooling, deployment server and heavy forwarders allowing data ingestion from multiple datacenters
  • Offshore Dev/Operations based in India consisting of:
    • Splunk, Java, .NET Developers
    • Test automation engineers
    • Operational support and monitoring engineers

Contact InfraSpace today to discuss options for Onshore. Offshore. And everything in between.