Big Data. It sizzles. it’s hot. It’s essential for your business.

Infraspace helps organizations navigate through the world of Big Data. Hadoop.

ELK. Hive. Spark. Hbase, Sqoop. Scala. It’s a whole new (Big) world out there.

    We meet you wherever you are on your journey with the following services:

    Introduction to BD – are you a likely candidate for Big Data?

    • We invite management – both IT and other parts of the organization – to talk about what Big Data is, what it isn’t, prospective use cases and what it can offer your organization.
    • POCs – we look at your use cases and help decide which may be a good prospect for a POC.  
    • We host our own Hadoop infrastructure and can set up an instance to use as a sandbox
    • We ingest a sample datastream, map-reduce the data, run analytics, build dashboards and give your business users an idea of the possibilities

    Architecture Review

    • Review any existing architecture you may have created internally and discuss the pros/cons of your approach

    Architecture and Development of actual solution

    • Onsite along with your development team
    • Offshore team can provide significant savings but always provide local management

    Quantify the ROI – we help you determine whether an investment in Big Data is worth your while.

    Let Infraspace bring you to the table. Here to serve.

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